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HON'BLE DY. Chief Minister

Harnessing the untapped waters of the narmada for the survival of millions of people and environmentally sound sustainable development of the western India by providing the essence of Life-Water & energy
Water Information as on Date : 12/11/2019
Reservoir   Level: 138.51 Mtr
Live Storage: 5705.25 MCM
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Project at a Glance

  • Main Dam - 1,210 m long, 163 m high from the deepest foundation level
  • Designed Live Storage Capacity of the Reservoir 5860 MCM (4.75 million acre feet)
  • Irrigation - 1.905 million Ha (1.8 million Hector in Gujarat benefitting 1 million farmers)
  • Drinking Water - 9490 villages and 173 towns (30 million people)
  • Hydropower - 1,450 MW installed capacity (1 billion kWh every year)
  • Canal Network - Approximately 75,000 km length within Gujarat