Small/Mini/Micro Hydro Power Project

The Development of Small/Mini/Micro Hydro Power Projects on Sabarmati escape NMC chainage 229 km & Narmada Dam Godbole Gate at Kevadia Colony is not feasible due to following reasons:

  • At the ultimate stage of project development, there will not be surplus water to the released through such Escapes and data of past can not be considered for future projection in such cases. A guaranteed/assured discharge through Escapes, power generation can not be predicted and therefore its economic viability is questionable.
  • Godbole Gate essentially is a device to discharge surplus water back to the River and not to the Head Regulator of the canal. This arrangement under ideal normal conditions will not be functional and any investment made on such contingent would not guarantee the investor any dependable return.
  • The Godbole Gate will not be operated all time, but the quantum will also be determined by levels in the ponds and would continue to fluctuate with water level in Pond no. 3 & 4. this would also seriously affect power generation as quantum and velocity of water vary greatly. Hydro Power requires a definite discharge and velocity.

Hence investment made on such contingent arrangement would not guarantee the investor and dependable return