Decision of NWDT


1 Allocation of water : (A 75% dependable yields) Allocation in MAF
Madhya Pradesh 18.25
Gujarat 9.00
Maharashtra 0.25
Rajasthan 0.50
  Total : 28.00
2 Height of the dam :  
FRL at RL 455.00 feet (138.68 meters)
MWL at RL 460.00 feet (140.21 meters)
3 Full Supply Level of the Main Canal.  
FSL at RL 300.00 feet (91.44 metres)
4 Power allocation Allocation in Percent
Madhya Pradesh 57
Maharashtra 27
Gujarat 16

There would be regulated releases from Narmada Sagar Project (NSP) about 300 km. upstream in Madhya Pradesh.

It was also decided that the Main Canal is to be extended upto the Rajasthan border for irrigation to the drought prone areas of 75,000 ha. in Barmer and Jhallore district of Rajasthan.

According to the Award of NWDT, the parameters of Sardar Sarovar dam will neither be reviewed nor changed till 2025 A.D. i.e. 45 years after the notification of the Award. The award is binding on all the concerned parties.