Chief Engineer Rajkot

This office is currently in-charge of the distribution network of 945656 hectare of gross command area (GCA) out of which 497462 hectare is culturable (CCA). It serves the command through 6 branches off taking from SBC reach 69.493 km to 104.46 km. The command covers Ahmedabad, Surendranagar, Bhavnagar, Morbi and Botad district and 19 talukas namely Dhandhuka, Dholera and Bavla taluka of Ahmedabad district, Wadhwan, Dhrangadhra, Limbdi, Chuda, Lakhtar and Dasada taluka of Surendranagar district, Vallabhipur, Bhavnagar and Umrala taluka of Bhavnagar district, Halvad, Maliya and Morbi taluka of Morbi district and Botad, Gadhda, Barwala and Ranpur taluka of Botad district

Saurashtra Branch Canal is serving water supply to Saurashtra and Kutch. It also irrigates a command area of 497462 hectare through 6 branches and tails into Dholi dhaja dam near Surendranagar.

The command network is also facilitating filling up of ponds/ village tanks for irrigation and domestic use. Also water is released for approved authorities like GWSSB and GWIL for domestic and industrial purpose, the distribution of which is done by GWSSB and GWIL.


Sr. No. Branch off taking from SBC Total Length (km) Completed Length (km) CCA (Ha.)
Project CCA Actual Completed up to Sub-minor
1 Vallabhipur Branch Canal 118.751 118.751 137529 158674
2 Limbdi Branch Canal 118.22 118.22 109648 88577
3 Morbi Branch Canal 119.17 119.17 61757 31710
4 Dhrangadhra Branch Canal 124.983 124.983 81502 45242
5 Maliya Branch Canal 137.93 137.93 41561 38903
6 Botad Branch Canal 109.934 109.934 65465 38031
  Total 728.988 728.988 497462 401137