Forest Conservation Program

This includes Compensatory afforestation, Dam vicinity plantations, Catchment treatment measures, Canal bank plantations, Project colony plantations etc.

Compensatory Afforestation

compensatory afforestation
Against submergence of 4523 ha. of forest in Gujarat, Compensatory afforestation works in 4650 ha. has been completed in non-forest area of Kachchh district by the State Forest Department. The project authority is maintaining these plantations through State Forest Department. In addition, compensatory afforestation in 9300 ha.i.e. in double the area going under submergence has been carried out in degraded forest land in nearby districts.

Thus, the total area of 13,950 ha. has been afforested against submergence of 4523 ha. well ahead of reservoir filling.

Dam Vicinity Plantation

To strendthen the green cover and the environment in the vicinity of the dam, an area of 551 ha. has been afforested.

Catchment Area Treatment Works

To mitigate the rate of soil erosion in the catchment and also to check the silt inflow in the reservoir, thereby increasing the life of reservoir, catchment area treatment measures have been carried out in 27,204 ha. Similarly, treatment in 1953 ha. non-forest area in the catchment has been carried out by Gujarat Land Development Corporation.

Canal Bank Side Plantations

canal bank side plantations

The canal system of Sardar Sarovar Project is quite extensive area of canal banks which would be available for plantations. So far SSNNL has planted 5732 ha. of canal side and borrow land.


Additional Plantations

Implementation of Environment Safeguard Measures Plan for Phase - 1, Initiated from year 2009-10. As recommended in the plan area specific plantation, has been started.

Total 160 ha have been covered under plantation in potential water logged area, 80 ha have been covered under saline area and 20 ha area is covered under in-situ plantation. To protect plants ex situ conservation measures are required to be undertaken as per Environment Safe Guard measures. M.S. University, Vadodara and Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan have been roped in for five years for the same purpose.

Wildlife Conservation Programme

wildlife conservation programme

Existing Dhumkal Sloth Bear sanctuary in the catchment area is renamed as Shoolpaneshwar sanctuary and is extended to cover an area of 607 for prime habitat on the left bank of the reservoir. Financial assistance for the development of this sanctuary has also been given. The action plan based on M.S. University study has also been prepared and being implemented.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies of the sanctuaries and National Parks coming in the command viz. Wild Ass Sanctuary, Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary and Velavadar National Park has been carried out. Based on these studies action plan for Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary and Velavadar National Park has been prepared for development of sanctuary.